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Rebel Unit

RU Shaped-Fit Sport Shirts

RU Shaped-Fit Sport Shirts

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Rebel Unit Clothing Shaped Fit Sport Shirt is a trim cotton sport shirt detailed with colored threading and adjustable-button sleeves. The quality shirts are made with 100% cotton for softness and cut and crafted so well you will definitely be comfortable and stylish. They  are custom designed, ensuring a unique style and are hand-made to ensure a better fitting and quality shirt. 

Rebel Unit Clothing is Jamaica's premier urban clothing movement. The Unit was established in 2007 by a group of three friends with a desire to create authentic fashion. The images and phrases on the gear are inspirational, educational and fashionable. RU designs and distributes male T. shirts, a variety of unisex hats, military inspired male and female jackets and male and female shirts. 

The colors and textures used in the creation of Rebel Unit's gear are meticulously hand picked and combined to ensure that quality remains at the forefront of urban trends. Machine wash 

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