Collection: Rebel Unit Clothing

 "Many clothing brands have been launched in Jamaica in the past few years but they do not possess the superior quality and designs that Rebel Unit has." The Jamaica Star 

Rebel Unit Clothing is Jamaica's premier urban clothing movement. The Unit was established in 2007 by a group of three friends with a desire to create authentic fashion. The images and phrases on RU gear are inspirational, educational and fashionable. RU designs and distributes male T. shirts, a variety of unisex hats, military inspired male and female jackets and male and female shirts. 

The 'Rebel' designs are definitely creative. They are hand drawn, then digitally scanned, ensuring originality. “[The] designs all have a meaning… we do not print random things on our products…we don't print things like Yea Mon, One Love or Respect…like what you would find on T-shirts in [tourist destinations]." Jelani Simba, RU Designer  

The Rebel Unit Team 

Designer and part-owner Jelani Simba decided to start Rebel Unit Clothing with his friends Latoya Gordon, marketing and investor Oral Gordon.

"I saw that I had something different to offer which was T-shirts of superior quality and design. I saw where other lines were not diversifying into hats and jackets. There are many lines in Jamaica but you can't tell the designs apart," Jelani Simba, RU Designer 

The 'Rebel' designs are all created by Sambi who has a degree in architecture from The University of Technology (UTech) and is well–read on Black history.  The designs are inspired by the Black Panther Movement — "[The] words on the shirt may be controversial or push certain boundaries but we are not afraid to express ourselves".The Jamaica Star 


The colours and textures used in the creation of Rebel Unit's gear are meticulously hand picked and combined to ensure the unity remains at the forefronnt of urban trends. Products are washable, sturdy and properly finished. Simba supervises the printing process to maintain quality control.