Franz Marzouca

"My interests are in documenting some of the Jamaican landscape, culture and people"

Franz Marzouca is a featured artist and photographer of Caribbean Fine Art Online. His technical approach and use of creative lighting has made him one of the best photographers in the Caribbean region and is pleased to be able to feature some of his work.  

Franz’s art stretches from the technical aspect of lighting and composing to creating artistic nude studies and documentary photography. He switched his focus from using film to digital and incorporated into his digital darkroom arsenal the use of carbon printing techniques for his black and white digital prints.

Most of Franz's tabletop and still life work bear a signature style — created from both black & white film and digital capture, the images are printed digitally on 100% cotton rag Museum Etching paper via a process called Piezography.  This process uses shades of grey carbon ink to render the richest tonality and detail, ensuring the best in archival quality prints. The Prints are then Matted on to 100% Acid Free Matte Board. 

The "vanishing Jamaican landscape" is the theme behind many of Franz's non-commercial photos. He continually seeks out and photographs the landscape that includes old fishermen in their dugout canoes, country people in their environment, abandoned railway stations and historic buildings around Jamaica. All of his images are crafted in black and white, and printed on archival media.

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Franz studied photography at Tasis Switzerland, and Barry University, Miami Florida before returning to Jamaica to become one of the country’s

leading commercial shooters. Franz’s images are his trademark and many of his commissions come from abroad for his tropical still lifes incorporating rum bottles and cuisine dishes. Commercial clients include Appleton Estates, Coco Cola, Digicel, Grace Foods, Heineken, Rebook and Red Stripe Beer. The National Gallery of Jamaica has exhibited Franz's works and is also one of his clients.

"I have chosen to present these images in Black and white as I believe it portrays the subjects the way I felt and I hope it allows the viewer to experience the same feelings."



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