Collection: ShopMyJamaica Eco-Market

Much More Than Rum, Reggae and Beaches.

An essential aspect of Jamaican culture is the sustainability of our environment. Improving the environment is a critical aspect of ShopMyJamaica’s Eco Market. We collaborate with communities to improve the lives of producers and small businesses. Our artists use natural materials to make luxurious pieces. The store sells stone and wood carvings and statutes, paintings on white limestone, red clay pottery, collages made from coastal rocks and jewellery made from wood, stones and sea glass and coffee.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica’s Blue Mountains have reached celebrity status. The latitude and longitude of the Mountains produce a unique micro-climate to create the world’s best coffee. When medium roasted, this champagne of coffee has hints of chocolate with floral undertones and a mellow aftertaste. The production is of the highest quality. At each stage of processing, there is a strict review process, which adds to the coffee’s uniqueness and authenticity.

ShopMyJamaica sells authentic Blue Mountain coffee produced by small farmers, the highest paid in the Americas.


The indigenous people ((Tainos) described Jamaica as the land of wood and water. Jamaica has over 1,000 species of trees, arranged in four categories (palms, woodland, pasture and forest, and fruit and seaside).

An excellent succession of Cretaceous rocks spanning 65-140 million years contributes to Jamaica’s natural wealth. Located along the edge of the island is a series of mixed stones known as the coastal group (marlstones, sandstones)—they have an abundance of fossils (5-10 million years). The limestone group includes white and yellow limestone and dolostone.  White limestone. found above ground, appeared 15 million years ago and has many uses. In addition, Volcanoes produced the red clay used for pottery and the bauxite that aluminum is made from.

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