(SMJ), a new online curated marketplace of Jamaican-made products, connects lovers of “all things Jamaican” to independent Jamaician producers. SMJ allows consumers to discover and buy Jamaican-made products, while participating in an online community that is a hub of activity for sharing Jamaican culture and all things Jamaican.

The ShopMyJamaica Collection is the go-to website for the best in Jamaican made products that are exclusive and stylish, capturing the uniqueness and true spirit of Jamaica. With collections from a variety of Jamaican producers, the SMJ Collection caters to a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Our team scours Jamaica's cultural capitals as well as more obscure geography for cultural, fashionable, stylish and unique products. Budding producers are invited to create collections for sale on the site, making it a platform for the exposing of new talent to a discerning and receptive market. The experience and confidence inspired from this collaborative approach makes ShopMyJamaica so much more than just an online shop. We do not try to sell a million products with many differing variations. Rather, the focus is on products that exemplify Jamaican culture and experiences. is a social business: a purposeful, planned, orchestrated, and integrated way of doing business in a social context that may feel personal to the outside world. SMJ focuses on the internalization and business integration of what it means to become social or connected. We integrate social into how we do business, embracing social as a layer that is woven into the fabric of each business function that we conduct. SMJ operates as a scalable social organization that is socially intelligent able to adapt to conditions in our environment and predict and plan for future scenarios. The site incorporates social platforms that meet your desire for authentic interactions in social spaces from real people, in real time, while providing an exceptional shopping experience. Key to achieving this objective is establishing cultures of collaboration, co-creation and shared value—connecting people looking for Jamaican made products (treasure hunters) with producers of these items (treasure makers).

Our innovative eCommerce solution for Jamaican independent retailers and manufacturers provides them with a global marketplace and the opportunity to bring products directly to customers around the world, without financial investments and risks. Companies sell products online without risking cash flow and investing in expensive technology. With the advance of internet technologies, there are many e-commerce solution and service providers offering full-service platforms. The difference between these providers and ShopMyJamaica is that ShopMyJamaica manages client’s sales, marketing, merchandising, distribution, inventory and customer service functions. ShopMyJamaica focuses on an increasing niche market of expatriates, former and future tourists and those in love with Jamaican culture and all things Jamaican. We have done the necessary legwork and research to identify the right products to curate on the site. SMJ's powerful storefront presents a wonderful shopping experience with offers that make it truly one of a kind. Finding products to buy online is easy to do. Finding high quality and unique Jamaican products while enjoying the shopping experience is not! This is why ShopMyJamaica excels over other e-commerce offerings.

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