3D Peacock Vase


The 3D Peacock Vase with peacocks and calla lily flowers is all about color and form. Its vibrant textures are complimented by the vivid blue, green, yellow and earth tones found in a peacock’s large, colorful and iridescent tail.  This robust, sculptural piece is handcrafted from terracotta colored clay, dug by hand from the Blue Mountain ranges. A Homer Brown favorite, it is definitely a collectible that is unique and hard to find. 


Dimensions: H: 12 inches (30.48 cm); W: Weight: 2lbs (.91 kg) 

Features: 3D Vase Series, Handcrafted, Blue Mountain Terracotta Clay, Multi-Textured and -Colored

Please Note: As each piece is created individually by hand, slight variations in coloration, shape, texture, and pattern may occur.


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