Collection: Fine Art

Few tourist know of or experience Jamaica’s fine art treasures. Those who do are often limited to exploring the intuitive art and commercial crafts, often produced with tourists in mind.

The Jamaican art movement took shape in the late 1930's as an interplay of various forces and people, set in motion by the socio-political ferment of the times. By the 1940's, creativity was from within Jamaica. Art was seen with new eyes and a distinctive Jamaican art form slowly took shape, culminating in a wonderful art movement by the 50’s. Leading up to Independence, the role of culture and art was recognized in the development of the nation’s spirit of nationalism, characterized by "an astonishing creative energy unparalleled in the history of Jamaica". The Jamaican Magazine

The 1960's brought wealth to the island and big businesses were encouraged to invest in Jamaican art and to build their corporate collections. Today, in Jamaica and around the world, Jamaican art is collected by many influential art collectors. In fact, many Jamaican artist have shown abroad and some have galleries outside of Jamaica.
ShopMyJamaica visited the galleries, art shops and fairs of Jamaica looking out for new work by emerging, as well as established artists. We saw a lot and were blown away by the diversity, skill, cultural richness and technical variation that embody the Jamaican fine art scene.

SMJ is featuring Caribbean Fine Art Online — an amazing and extensive collection of Jamaican art from some of Jamaica’s finest Artist. We are also featuring Gene Pearson, arguably the most influential living Jamaican ceramic artist — a true Jamaican treasure.


Caribbean Fine Art Online Collection