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Flower in Bloom

Flower in Bloom

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The Flower in Bloom vase is a representation of the hibiscus flower in bloom. The mix of vibrant colors provides a stunning image of Jamaica’s natural beauty — the pattern does not dominate, but rather compliments both the form and the intricacies of a flower in bloom. An ideal piece of art for jazzing-up lifeless spaces, this original design was handcrafted by Artist Homer Brown and Potter Michael Hunter out of terracotta clay, hand dug from the Blue Mountains.


Dimensions: H: 7.5 inches (cm) W:  ( cm) Weight: 1 lb (.45 kg)

Features: Handcrafted, Blue Mountain Terracotta Clay, Multi-Textured and -Colored

Please Note: As each piece is created individually by hand, slight variations in coloration, shape, texture, and pattern may occur.

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