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3D Braided Hair Vase

3D Braided Hair Vase

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A one-of-a-kind cultural treasure to display proudly in the home, the 3D Braided Hair vase makes a style statement that exhibits the master craftsmanship of both Homer Brown and potter Michael Hunter. The mate finish gives this piece a modern metallic look with sophistication of form and surface. Cut-work design with life-like accents, a  head of braided hair style on one side and the spatial design with textural details on the other, adds richness and sophistication of form and surface.

The natural terracotta colored clay, dug by hand from the Blue Mountain ranges, is enhanced with a brown and gold mate finish that is both urban chic and roots. Such richness and life-like imagery brings to life Jamaica’s cultural richness and makes this 3D vase a perfect piece to liven up living spaces.

Dimensions: H: 6.5 inches (17 cm)

Features: 3D Vase Series, Handcrafted, Blue Mountain Terracotta Clay, Multi-Textured and -Colored, Narrow Neck

Other Details

As each piece is created and painted individually by hand, slight variations in coloration, shape, texture, and pattern may occur.

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