Chungknight's Wise to Babylon

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"I have always lived in a world of dreams and ideas twined loosely to reality by the thinnest tendrils possible. Within such a dynamic and nebulous landscape I find that my spirit is afforded the opportunity to soar; innovation is a habitual companion and knowledge is a nourishing rain"

Eventhough the Rasta image had intermittently been featured in Chungknight’s work, only after his personal experience as a Rasta has his work become primarily focused on this cultural phenomenon. As a result, he has had to adapt his traditional modeling techniques to better capture the physical characteristics of his dreadlocked subjects, and would like to feel that he has started to rethink the notion of the “Rasta man” in Jamaican art.

His commitments of being a member of the Rastafarian community, School of Vision and his fascination with this belief system, along with his communal experience, galvanized his belief that this approach to life had a power that was a beacon to humanity.

Wise to Babylon makes a direct reference to Rastafarianism which is a major aspect of my Jamaican culture. On a deeper level, however, it questions the role of ritual in empowering the soul. This piece for sale on ShopMyJamaica is a hand painted hydrocal cast that comes in three colours: Gold, Silver and Pink. 

Dimensions: (H - 11”) x (W - 7”) x (D - 8”) 

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