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Plantation Soapworks


Plantation Soapworks is a manufacturer of high-end spa, bath and body care products. They are a “Green”, environmentally conscious company, which strives to reduce their carbon footprint. Products include natural soaps, shower gels, hand and body lotions and body scrubs. All of Plantation Soapworks products are handmade using locally sourced ingredients such as distilled water, natural fragrance, essential oils,  emulsifiers, and paraben free preservatives. 

Although the ShopMyJamaica line of Plantation Soapworks products are of high quality, they are also affordable and include natural soaps, exfoliators, cleansers and lotions that provide an aroma, texture and feel of Jamaica’s natural beauty.

Treat yourself to a "me" experience with these luxurious bath and body products — you will not be disappointed.

Janice McLeod, CEO of Plantation Soapworks, is a trained chemist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Microbiology. She also operates the Yvonne Anthony School of Aesthetics and is a member of the Jamaican Bureau of Standards, Spa Standards Steering Committee, which is responsible for the execution of the spa standards that put Jamaican spas on par with international health and wellness standards. For many years, Janice has been creating a line of spa products for the Jamaican tourism industry. She has applied her education and training to develop a line of luxurious bath and body products, inspired by the natural bounty of Jamaica. 

Janice's passion for her creations are evidenced in the cutting-edge innovation she applies to each product line, including the ingredients, artistry and science.

The exclusive Yvonne Anthony line is used by major Jamaican spas and resorts and is a superb ShopMyJamaica find.

Cleanse your skin while moisturizing with one of the many varieties of moisturizing and rejuvenating soaps, inspired by Jamaican natural scents 

Quench Your Skin in soothing and moisturizing lotions and enjoy the natural aromas.

Polish your way to silky soft skin with one of the natural body scrubs.




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