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Ian Randle Publishers (IRP) is an innovative independent publisher based in Kingston Jamaica. An institution in its own right, IRP publishes the best in a diverse range of Caribbean literature, featuring titles in Art, Music, Food, Biography, Sports, Poetry and Literature. Founded in 1991 by Ian Randle, a renowned veteran of the publishing industry and one of the Jamaica's most influential people, IRP was the first commercial publishing company in the English speaking Caribbean to produce scholarly and academic books. Today, with a catalogue of over 300 titles, IRP remains the beating pulse of contemporary Caribbean literature. Led by Christine Randle who has gathered an excellent team of professionals, IRP is considered the top publisher in the Caribbean. Ian Randel, IRP and the authors IRP represents have won several local, regional and international awards for publishing and literary excellence. In 2012, Randle was honoured with a Prince Claus Award from the Netherlands for his contribution to Caribbean intellectual property. Earlier that year, the Caribbean magazine TALLAWAH put him on the list of most influential Jamaicans. ShopMyJamaica is thrilled to curate a selection of IRP books that exemplify Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage and diversity. 

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