Earth Angel's Masks


Gene Pearson is one of Jamaica’s most influential and beloved artists. He is a deeply spiritual person who sometimes refers to himself as being an "Earth Angel". Gene is constantly working in new ways, testing new material and new techniques and has produced a range of affordable pieces for sale on ShopMyJamaica. 

These small ceramic sculptures are authentic designs, handcrafted one at a time in Gene’s rural Red Hills studio, just outside of Kingston Jamaica. They fall under two themes: Earth Angel's Masks, and Pearson Eggs.

The masks range in size from small to large and are a stlyistic blend of African Baule masks, Egyptian sculpture and Gene’s own Jamaican sensibility with all its references to roots culture and Rastaiari. 

Pearson Eggs are Gene's version of a collectible item, inspired by the Fabergé Imperial Eggs that he saw as a child in an exhibit. They are freestanding sculptural heads that are inherently beautiful, finely crafted and stylized.  Each piece is unique, fabricated from clay and hand painted in a signature style of the Pearson works. 

Order your unique and collectible Earth Angle mask today. 

Please Note: As each piece is created individually by hand, variations in coloration, shape, texture, and pattern occur. Orders are based on size and color and since the eggs and masks are hand made, add up-to two weeks delivery time to SMJ's average delivery time. 



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